Thanthra Vidya Peedham


Thanthra Vidya Peedham in Kerala, perhaps one of the first tantric schools in the state was established in the year 1972 by Late Madhavji, a spiritual and social reformer and a well-known social workerof Keralawith his colleagues from traditional Thantric families and other social and cultural sector. The organization is registered under the Societies Registration act of 1860 and managed by a committee of respected Acharyas and eminent personalities.

The Vidya Peedham is situated on the bank of river Poorna (Periyar, which at this point flows northward like the Gange to Kashi) in the tranquil village of Veliyathunadu. It is 6km away from Alwaye, the place renowned for Mahasivarathri celebration on the river bank

Considering the uniqueness and tradition of this Institution Ministryof HRD started their support to 10 students and three teachers. After formation of Maharshi Sandipany Rashtreeya Veda Vidya Prathishtan, thefinancial support and Supervision of the Institution was handed over to MSRVVP ,Ujjain by HRD.

Thanthra Vidya Peedham is a special type of Institution because of its Curriculum and syllabus for seven years.Veda is also a major part of the syllabus. The syllabus of Thanthra Vidya Peedham is unique from the other Vedapadhasalas governed by MSRVVP.However theinstitution isfollowing the same method of admission,syllabus and Curriculum since its inception in the year 1972. The institution is giving admission to students at the age of 15, after completing SSLC. Along with Thanthra Ratna, they are studying courses like, Sastry,Prak Sastry and Acharya of Tirupathi University.They are also preparing for Veda Vibhooshan of MSRVVP

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